Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beach Blast!

We had a beach party last night for our Hump Day party. It took place over at my home. It was a blast, as they always are! But I still wonder why no one thought to say "Hey Ali, why are the lights floating and the deck part lower than the pier part?" LOL!!

Here's a few pictures from the event. I tried to get some good ones, but I was really busy and I miss my photographer. :( So if I didn't get your pic...sorry about that.

Beach Party

Aisuru & Terri
Aisuru & Terri

Night & Margo, and I think that's Eva on the side.
Night & Margo

Sai & Aisuru. [Aren't they cute?!]
Sai and Aisuru

Jerremy & Tymmerie.
Jerremy & Tymmerie

Cherie & Fricker.
Cherie & Fricker

Another wide shot of the party.
Beach Party

Big big thanks to everyone who came out! Next week is a Sock Hop, so pull out your poodle skirts and leather jackets!


Lexis Babenco said...

Looks like it was a blast. Hopefully I can make next week's party.


Lilla said...

I had a great time! I'm sure to join again :) I still haven't worn the retro dress from the retrology hunt and a bunch of socks to choose from the clam hunt!