Friday, October 3, 2008

I have nothing to say, so here's some pics!

Again it was time for another clean up of my desktop with pictures that haven't made it into the blog. I snap pics like mad. I just don't always show them. A bunch are garden party pics too, since I never showed those.

I got inspired after getting a freebie witch outfit because I'm a HUGE Wicked fan, and the green skinned witch just screamed Elphaba!! Then I had to dress up as Galinda too. Because you know, what's one without the other?

I totally love Wicked!

Cen and I picked up these "Wanted" posters. You wear them. lol

I'm wanted. lmao

I had to mute this girl at Rockberry. She was being completely annoying. Yes, she was humping on the chair or something.

Really annoying girl.

A bunch of Garden Party pictures. I didn't get all that I wanted because I was starting to get lagged out.

Garden party again

Garden Faerie

Lawless & Dove

Dyami & Cen

Elora & Merrick

More garden party

This girl came running in while I was sitting around stalking the Elate lucky chair. I thought she looked TOO cool!!

She looked too cool.

Me stalking the lucky chair at Jaywalk. I STILL haven't won anything.

Waiting at Jaywalk

Emerald & me in our cool new Halloween afros.

Emerald & me in afros

Riotvend madness. I did get the outfit, though. Great skirts, a little too MUCH for my frame. But I will wear them.


My favorite find of the week: The broom from Little Heaven!! I love this thing!

Little Heaven broom

That's pretty much how my week went. lol Last night Emerald gave us this lucky chair HUD that pretty much has every junky lucky chair in SL installed on it, but we were having a BLAST last night with everyone running around picking up just ... STUFF. I got some houses & buildings I might be able to use, though!! And more than anything, we just had so much fun. The "afterhours" crew all get kind of silly and punchy as the night goes on. We spent probably 2 hours at Zaara with Sai waiting to see if she'd ever win the lucky chair. This horrible girl with bad hair named Quinn stole the wildcard right out from under her and said she'd been waiting 2 days. Honey, no Q in SL waits 2 days for ANYTHING in a lucky chair. The only other letter that comes up more is X!! Next time, use your story on noob lucky chair hunters.

Tonight...I don't know what tonight holds. I may just hang out in my house and try to sort some inventory. Or maybe see about decorating a part of the island for Halloween. I don't really have any need to shop, and there are no sales that I feel it necessary to hit up. I guess we'll see how it goes.


C said...

I think that one girl about to pee on that chair, marking her territory I guess. LOL that's a funny picture.

Aisuru Rieko said...

I've humped a couple lucky chairs in my time XD

I went to Jay's the other night because I don't think I'd been there before... when I walked in the chair was on a wildcard and the two shoppers were ignoring it, so I took it, and after that it flipped to A. :D sorry... just amazed at my one showing of good luck. *I love her cupcake hats and I can't say it enough*