Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So...what's new?

Ok, so some people have asked what's up with me lately. Why am I not online much and why am I not blogging much? Well, believe it or not, my RL has been a bit busier than usual lately. I've had a chance to put all the fashion knowledge I've learned in SL to the test in RL and have been helping out a friend of mine put together a fabulous outfit for a wedding she's attending this weekend. She's VERY picky, though [pickier than I am!!!!] and so far all we have of her fabulous outfit are the pants. After yet another unsuccessful trip tonight, I finally told her that I would get up early and go scout some stores that we've not yet been to in our area. I have no doubts that I can find her something that she will look and feel great in. After all - I am the one who chose the pants.

But of course that hasn't been taking up all of my time. The truth is, my SL is very quiet lately. I spend probably 98% of my in world time alone. And 95% of the time I look just like this:

My place

Yep. I spend hours sitting there on my posestand, sorting inventory, chatting with the group, checking various websites, watching YouTube videos, and watching TV. I know, I'm totally boring. LOL I kind of justified it before with, "Well anywhere I go, I'm totally lagged out with all the people anyway, so I'll just stay home." But the truth is that I'm just down a lot, and have been for over a month. I won't go into detail on that. So yeah, most of the time, there I am.

The other part of my time is spent going to different lucky chairs. I'll admit that I have no real patience for the majority of lucky chairs on the grid. But sometimes I will set myself down somewhere and wait to see what I get while I group chat & sort inventory. Kind of my way of being social without being social.

Stalking the lucky chairs

Yes, the letters are P U. I laughed too.

Anyway...so that's the story here lately. Boring, quiet, and not blogworthy. I'm hoping to maybe get some of the group together to go hit some of the Halloween sims. We've all been collecting Halloween freebies like mad, so it would be nice if we could dress up a bit and go get scared. I am a grade A scaredy cat, but maybe if I'm with my friends, things won't seem so scary. :)


Dyami Jameson said...

BOOO!......I haven't made it out to any of the Halloween sims yet either like I've wanted to. I think that would be kind of cool to get some of the group together and hit a few of them.

Heather said...

Maybe a "reinvention" of sorts might do the trick to pull you out of your funk. A new skin and hair color did it for me. Or, go sit yourself at Mill Pond while you sort inventory and wait for some interesting conversations to strike up. Good luck girl!

Natasha Burke said...

I haven't made it to any Halloween Sims yet either. If you ever want to do something and I am online don't be afraid to ask. I spend 99.5% of my time in SL by myself. =)

Anonymous said...

Beats the alternative :)
At least you are in SL!