Thursday, October 23, 2008


Oh I swear I'm going to get this blog post done. The one I've been trying to do since Tuesday night. lol See? This is why I don't PLAN blog posts. I can't! But tonight I have a good reason. I have had a bad headache for probably the past 8 hours. Oh, I've popped pills, I've had water [dehydration gives you a headache, which is why when you drink too much alcohol, you get hung over], but I know the culprit. I'm sugar & caffeine detoxing and it SUCKS. Yes, I know I did this a few weeks ago. I felt fabulous not eating sugar and the no caffeine thing was helping me sleep better. But some stuff in my RL caused me to just...forget it. And I need to do this because I feel so so so much better...once it all clears from my system. lol Until then, it's super bad headaches and super bad moods.

I was in SUCH a bad mood today, I almost cancelled the hump day party. But I just couldn't see myself canceling when so many people said they wanted to come. So I sucked it up and did it. And minus a few not so good things, it was a great party and lots of people that I enjoy talking to showed up. I do have pictures, but I don't feel like cropping and resizing at the moment. But I will show this one because it's funny.

Laleeta @ the party! LOL

Laleeta wanted to come to the party, but of course the normal party time is not very Euro-friendly, so she sent us her picture instead. LOL! Crazy thing. :) But of course that means she was AFK and as anyone can tell just can't be AFK around us. :)

So when I get up...I will finish the blog post! It's important to me because I really do want to hear everyone's views on the subject.

But for now...I'm taking my headachey, bad mood, tired self to bed.


Lilla said...

Hope you'll get better. Weaning off coffee is not easy. I've given up on that. I love my coffee too much.

Anonymous said...

Get better soon Ali and...

*is still laughing like crazy at that picture :D*

Natasha Burke said...

I hope you feel better soon Alicia. <3

Unknown said...

I hope you feel better soon also, Alicia! The party was wonderful and you did a great job (as always) of DJ'ing it! Thanks again for getting my song on!

I am looking forward to reading your new blog post! :-)

Ari Blackthorne™ said...


ISP issues screwed me up. I missed out on the best of all themes. :\