Saturday, October 18, 2008

One pose turns into another pose

I deleted last night's post. It really was more just for me to write to keep busy, and no one really needs to know about my down moods. lol

The other night I was out at Jaywalk stalking the lucky chairs when I cammed over into Celestial Studios and saw Torrid Midnight and Menno Ophelia putting up some new outfits. I guess they're more costumes than anything else, but I really really wanted the football girl outfit. So I went back yesterday and picked it up. Not just because I love football, but because I have a huge love for the Girls Next Door show and in one episode Kendra was playing football and Bridget wore a cute pink and black football inspired outfit to their big Super Bowl party and that's kind of what these outfits reminded me - minus the hooker boots.

After scouting out a couple of football fields so I could take pics, and being hit up for money from some n00b guy, I was sitting at home and remembered Kendra had done this cute little pose after she'd made a touchdown. So I opened up Qavimator to recreate it. When I was trying it out today, I realized it reminded me of almost every picture I have of myself in RL - that shot where you're holding the camera out in front of you. I took a few pictures while playing with the emoter on my Mystitool and the lip sync voice feature too, to see if I could give my mouth a different look. I think they came out kind of cute, and really kind of natural looking.

Self Shot

Self Shot

Self Shot

I really do think they're cute, and it's funny how one pose can turn into another pose with just a different angle.

It looks like my job today as a style consultant is about to begin soon, so have a great Saturday everyone. :)

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