Sunday, October 26, 2008


*rubs her head*

I took yesterday away from SL. Didn't even touch the icon on my desktop. I thought a day away would do me good, and it did. I woke up today and I was excited to go back in. That excitement lasted about 30 minutes before one of my bigger renters on the island said they were moving out.


Not that I didn't fully expect it, really. The people who had moved out before are their best friends and they were getting an island, so you know, why pay me rent when they could move over there and be with their best friends? I can understand that.

But now? That leaves me with over 15,000sqm of land that I MUST get rented out. I've pretty much decided how much I need to charge on a monthly basis for the land. I can cut it into 4 sections, or halve it, or rent the whole thing. But I have to KNOW the people I rent to. It would be easy to just list it for rent and let anyone move in, but I just simply won't do that to myself or the rest of of the residents on the island. Whoever moves can't put up some crazy ugly building or totally screw up the look of the island. I don't want anyone who is going to act like a fool or get bitchy for no reason or use a lot of lag producing scripts. Basically I want renters like the ones I already have. Quiet, tasteful, fun, and sweet. And they have to not mind my little mountain. LOL

Ugh ugh ugh. lol This whole land owning thing kinda sucks a bit. But I won't let this island go. I just can't.

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Shawn said...

TAG!!! You're it, darlin' ... sorry to throw ya under the bus. =/

I hope you find some good folks for your island, Ali ... you know we'd do it, but we're sorta settled in by now, lol. Besides, I think our tower would clash with your mountain. =P