Friday, October 24, 2008


So things still aren't totally great on my end. I wish I could say it's all SL related but it's not. There are many things that just make me feel broken. But they say that a change is as good as a rest, and so that's what I'm doing tonight. RLBF and I are taking a small overnight trip just so we can both unplug for a bit. He's been under quite a great deal of stress with work, which then stresses me out because I'm right here with him. And of course he sees that I have been in a constant bad mood since Monday, which I know worries him. So tonight we're driving out of the city limits and staying in a hotel. I like hotels because there's just something luxurious about staying somewhere that you can leave your towels on the floor and not make your bed or empty the trashcans and someone else will come do it for you and you don't have to worry about a thing.

See you all later, have a great night. :)


Anonymous said...

((Hugs)) :D:D:D

Joonie said...

Hope it gives you the break you need. *hugs* Hang in there, Ali.