Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We had kind of an interesting discussion earlier in the group tonight and I plan on blogging it, but unfortunately I'm extremely sleepy so I'll get to that when I get up tomorrow. I had pictures I wanted to take for the post, too, but I might have to grab someone to help me with that because it's going to take a certain look and since I think I deleted the fashion disaster outfit that I'd put together for that one party, I don't know if I could recreate it after so many inventory cleanings.

Hump Day Party will be going on at 8pm SLT and I'm HOPING to have it in the party ball from the pit, but unfortunately the new ball that was set up was just too big because when I put down the decorations, it was just not the right size. If we can't get the original ball up, then it'll take place up in the air in a room that I'll set up tomorrow afternoon.

Oh btw, Aisuru is competing in this fun Halloween contest, and I think all of you should go vote for her. :) It's a building contest, and so there's tons to look at out there. Don't forget to vote when you finish looking! It takes place right here and it really is a lot of fun. :)

Ok, completely exhausted now. goodnight. :)

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Unknown said...

YAY!!! As soon as you have the location I want to make sure the Starting Pointers know about it! I am looking forward to the party!