Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh you ~flirt~!!

Ok kids, grab your wallets. You're gonna need them. ;)

As I've mentioned before, I'm not a big jewelry shopper or wearer. A lot of this has to do with the quality of the jewelry I've found in SL. Skinkie Winkler's ~flirt~ has changed my mind about jewelry in SL.

In the real world, you can often tell the difference between fine jewelry and costume jewelry. Oh, this is definitely fine jewelry!

I'm so excited, so let's get to the first items, the Tiffany Series in Platinum & Ruby!

~flirt~ Tiffany set

~flirt~ Tiffany close up

~flirt~ Tiffany Bracelet

When I had first seen the Tiffany Series at the Jewelry Expo, my first thought was, "Oh. My. God." I mean, it's just so gorgeous and exactly the kind of jewelry I would wear in real life. Delicate, sparkling, the kind of jewelry that you wear but it doesn't wear you.

The Tiffany Series is bit higher on the price range for me, but worth it. You can pick up an entire set which includes the earrings, double strand necklace, and bracelet that I've shown here, along with a single strand pendant, stud earrings, and a stunning ring for $3000L. You can, of course, pick up each piece individually if you do as I usually do and build your collections one by one. There are other color stone options available.

[Also, if you hop over to the ~flirt~ booth at the Jewelry Expo, you can pick up a FREE pair of Tiffany stud earrings in Platinum & Aqua, and they are gorgeous!]

If you're looking for something a bit bolder, check out this next set, the Hearts & Diamonds set!

~flirt~ Hearts

~flirt~ Hearts - close up

~flirt~ Hearts Bracelet

Now this jewelry is double cool to me because you can change the stone texture or the metal color! Plus it has a resize script which is awesome for petite ones like me because I did have to scale the choker down 10% to fit.

I love this set because it's bold without being overpowering. I wore the bracelet out and about last night just with jeans and a tank top and it just added a little something special to my casual outfit. But it can definitely be worn with any kind of formal outfit.

If you want the entire set, it's on the lower side of the price range at $650L for the metals & stones changing set of the choker, earrings, and bracelets. And of course each can be bought individually for no more than the cost of a pair of boots or hair.

Each piece of jewelry at ~flirt~ is hand placed. No Looprez scripts for this sensational jewelry! Almost every item has a resize script, which I love love love, and many have a script to recolor some of the pieces. Skinkie doesn't rely on bling to give her gems a shine. Each prim is twisted and tortured to become teensy and glittering. The effect is brilliant! Also, and this is a big deal to many people, each piece has been created to have the lowest ARC [Avatar Rendering Cost] possible without killing the beauty of the item! If you look up to that absolutely stunning double strand Tiffany necklace I'm wearing, it comes in at almost 500 prims and almost 100 gems, but an ARC of only 35. I put on a hair once that had an ARC of over 1000. Tell me Skinkie isn't thinking of her customers!!

Big big big thanks to Skinkie Winkler for allowing me to blog these marvelous pieces, and for pretty much changing my mind about wearing jewelry in Second Life. For the rest of you, RUN to ~flirt~ or the booth at the Jewelry Expo and go check out these items for yourself and have fun being beautiful!!

~flirt~ blog
~flirt~ Main Store

Other items worn in this post:

Skin: Free Speerit 'Scarlet' in Desidelia
Hair: 'Tyra' by ETD
Eyes: 'Anime Blue' by Miriel
Dress #1: Crush Tube Dress by Blaze
Dress #2: Scrunched Dress by M&R Cupcakes

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