Thursday, October 16, 2008

Island Courtesy

I don't mind if people want to stop over at the island to hang out or anything. I mean, what would be the point of me having a sim if it was cut off from everyone? But I just have three simple requests.

If you're hanging out there, please do not ignore or be rude to anyone else on the island that you do not know. Just because YOU don't know them doesn't mean that they aren't someone important to me or one of the renters on the island. I have visitor counters scattered about, so I know who is there and at what times. Let me take care of the security, ok?

Please don't go into other peoples' homes or parcels if you haven't been invited over. Now right now there are only 2 parcels that you should probably stay out of unless invited. The people who rent are very nice, but those are their homes. Cen & Dyami may have their beach open for people to come in and hang out at, but that is up to them. Don't go in the 2 white cottages unless Emerald & Sehra are home and invite you. The adobe house near the landing point and the house up on the hill are free to chill in.

And please please please... If it's over 300 feet in the air, don't touch it. That includes my sky living area. Unless I've invited you in, please leave it alone. I love you guys, but I also value my privacy and that is nothing new to anyone who knows me. There is only one person who should ever be up there if I am not, and he knows who he is. :)

Really, if you know where I live, feel free to stop over sometimes. I'm going to be setting fishing back up and next month we'll start getting the island holiday decorated, so that'll be fun. Just don't be rude to anyone and leave my skybox alone. LOL That's all I ask. :)


R. said...

Good advice to visitors of any area.

Sehra Kauffman said...

Did I miss something?

Dyami Jameson said...

I'm sorry I stumbled into your house Sehra. I was drunk and thought I was going into mine. It won't happen again.....this week.

Bella said...

I am not sure if I have gone anywhere I wasn't supposed to, but I am sorry if I did. Awesome place Alicia!!!

Sehra Kauffman said...

OMFG, how could you Dyami! I was wondering who spilled beer all over the sofa and why there was a drool stain on the area rug...

I'll scotchgaurd before your next appearance! ;P

Gahum Riptide said...

You've seen me write about this but it bears repeating. I live in Costa Rica, and it's a big estate and has a lot of amenities and attractions. Anyone can visit (ban lines are prohibited in the estate charter), and there are lots of residents there as well as non residents of the estate. My neighbor installs surf beaches and has freebie boards available so anyone can surf. I'd transformed my parcel into a huge garden with my house set back from the beach. With the surf beach and my garden, I get a lot of people wandering around, and that's fine, as the gardens and beaches are open to anyone.

However, I was having a problem with uninvited visitors in my house, hanging out like it was theirs. The most fabulously moronic of visitors told me to my avatar's face that she owned my parcel and my house was hers. She also had the brass balls to talk smack to me. She had the hand of eject and then ban applied to her right quick.

It got to the point where I had my neighbor (who is also the security head in CR) install a land protector orb. I had him set it to only protect the house as I don't mind people on the grounds.

I am in full agreement, visitors should still respect people's houses in SL even though it's all pixels and you can't steal or break things. It's just courteous to stay out of houses unless invited.