Friday, October 10, 2008

Cleaning Up The Desktop Again

Before I get started, I want to remind you all that the second round of the New World Notes Hot Male Avatar contest is underway, so go here and vote for Bone Mosten! And then, you know, whoever else you like. lol

I take a LOT of pictures in SL. I mean, anytime I'm out somewhere, I usually end up snapping a picture. But not all of them make it into the blog, and more than half end up in the trash. Let's face it, high rez snapshots take up a heck of a lot of space on the hard drive! :) But I do end up keeping some on the desktop because I think I have a blog post in my head. However, since pretty much every post I do is based off of just what happens to fly out of my fingers, many pictures don't get used.

[And yes, I've explained all of this before, but there are new people here sometimes!]

Anyway, let's see some pics that didn't make it to the blog this week. Most were taken on the same day, so that's why it's the same outfit. I do change clothes sometimes.

Nikita Weymann of Grimalkin made this little desk area that you wear and gave me a copy. It's super cute and it makes waiting on lucky chairs kind of fun. :)
Who stole my stapler?

Jacks at Burning Life. I like to sit on things. LOL

Being a Barbie Doll at Burning Life.
I'm a doll!

Fricker gave the group this AWESOME print, and I wanted to display it. It matches my butterfly chandelier from the Alice hunt, so I set up a room where I can just go to relax.
My relaxation room

The chair in my relaxation room is from +mudshake, and it cracks me up how TINY I look in it.
That's a big chair.

My friend Sophia gave me this cute Apple Pod, which I immediately had to find a spot for in the more "foresty" part of the island. I love sitting in it!!
Apple pod

Sam told me to get on the motorcycle so we could go for a ride [since I do NOT drive well at all!] but it's not a 2 seater. LMAO

Me driving the big rig. I can't even reach the steering wheel!
Big Rig

I clicked on a lucky chair board at PopFuzz last night and ended up in this garden. It's pretty neat!

My big plan for the weekend is to finish setting up the little "Spooky Zone" I've put up on the island, and to find some furniture for part of the skybox. Right now all I have in there is a posestand and some boxes that I haven't picked up yet. lol The room is so pretty and classy, it deserves to be more than just the place where I sit for hours trying on demo skins and adjusting prims. But then again, who am I kidding? Even if it looked like it belonged in a magazine, I'd still probably be sitting there, trying on demos and adjusting prims.


Mena Nadezda said...

omg! do you know if i still can find the butterfly chandelier from the Alice hunt? ...or on wich is the store where i can find it?? im a Butterfly freak D:

Niki said...

Oh, hey, look: it's my silly wearable office on Xstreet for L$1.