Monday, October 13, 2008

No title, too tired.

I had like, 5 blog posts in my head earlier. I've got pictures, I've got a boot review. I still have my Spooky Zone to finish up. I want to flatten out the land where Cen and Dyami are going to live so they have a blank slate to start terraforming on. [The previous tenants terraformed the smack outta their parcel.] I'm still looking for pretty & elegant furniture for my elegant living area and some office furniture for another area of the skybox. I have yet to get the creative bug in my head and start revamping my products. I have to begin building the room for the Sock Hop on Wednesday since I think I'll be going out that evening and won't get back in until just before the party will start. I have a lot to do.

But instead of doing any of it, I spent most of the day out of SL, playing online with my friend and having a much wanted chat with someone else. When I did finally get online, I hung out with Sam, his Army buddy who is new to SL, and a couple of girls I haven't seen in months, and then spent some time on the island, sitting on top of the mountain with Sam, just talking. That's the nice thing about family. They always listen to you even when you have nothing important to say.

It's definitely bedtime, though. I've been asked to go hang out with my friend and her kids tomorrow, and rest is a necessity before doing that! LOL

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Dyami Jameson said...

Is ecstatic I get to terraform since I like it so much!

I'm excited about the move there. I think it will be a nice change.