Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who knew?

[This post is mostly me stalling on finishing up housework today.]

I've been exceptionally lucky in SL in that my computer runs it pretty well. I get lag and everything that everyone else gets, but I rarely crash and usually I can walk around. My FPS is kind of low in most places I go, but I figured that's just the way it works. If I've never mentioned it before, I'm not a gamer, and therefore have never really paid attention to things like video cards. As long as I can get in SL, and still use photoshop and all that, I just take whatever I get.

For some reason, RLBF and I were talking about it and he suggested I try SL on his computer. Now let me just say right now both of us are working with mutants here. He pieces together our computers with whatever parts just happen to look good or something. LOL But I know he has a better computer than I do because God forbid he not be able to download porn faster than anyone else on the planet.

So we downloaded SL to his computer and I hopped in.

Oh. Muh. Gawd.

I had NEVER had SL run so smoothly on my screen before!!!!! I mean, it was like playing a whole new game! I ran around, I went to Sn@tch because I'd been there earlier and KNEW it was laggy and it really wasn't this time!! Some lag, yes, since there were like 40 people in the sim, but nothing at all like it had been when I was there before! I was on the Ultra setting, draw distance was up, all that good stuff, and it was still just lovely!

So I logged off, pouted and started doing laundry. Then he said, "Let's see how it works in your computer." Ok, so, we slide it in [he does, anyway. I don't know a video card from a credit card] and I go back in SL. Yep, still just as lovely as can be. I go over to Rustica, a store that usually doesn't rez for me at all and I can never walk around in there without dying. Oh no, not this time. Things were rezzing quickly all around me, I walked in there with no problems!!! I just couldn't believe it! I kept telling him, "This is NOT how it is usually!" He just scratched his chin and said, "Huh. Guess Second Life is more of a game than I thought."

I pouted some more, played a song on Guitar Hero, and started cleaning again. He futzed around with my computer and then said, "Come here and try this out." So I did. And it was very nice! He had a spare video card that, while not as good as his own, was still loads better than what I had. Yay for nerds with extra parts lying around! LOL Who knew it would make SUCH a difference?

Anyway, I promised myself no SL until I finished cleaning and made a trip to the grocery store, so I guess I've procrastinated long enough.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing!? I played for 2 years before I got a high end video card and it was just crazy how much different the game looked! Everything seems so fluid and smooth now lol Grats! :)

Casandra Shilova said...

Congrats, have fun, fun, fun!!

Gahum Riptide said...

For me, the kicker was getting more RAM. I had been working with 1 gig, and while SL worked, I'd crash at big fashion shows at least three times. Paisley Beebe's show would cause me to not see any movement after the musical act. I have an excellent vid card, and figured it must be RAM that was the problems. SO, I upgraded the RAM et voila! OMG things would rezz faster, and I stopped having multiple crashes at big shows (it's inevitable it happens once, but that's all that happens).

Rustica was also one of those places that for me would never rezz properly, but with the change, OMG it's FANTASTIC.

C said...

I want a new computer SOOOO bad

/me pouts

I tried to get a better video card for my computer, and more ram which helped a lot, but there was only so much I could do regarding a video card because of the limitations of my computer I guess

/me pouts more

Maybe I can afford one in the new year