Friday, October 31, 2008


Dear Lindens,

Hi. I'm probably one of your bigger fans. Heck, to read all the OpenSpace mess, I may be one of your only fans. But I love SL and I appreciate all the work that must go into keeping this place running at all. So I have a subject that we must discuss today.


No, not this kind of bear.

Stripper Bear

But Linden bears. You see, I heard that all of you have your own bear. Today I was told to IM TrickOrTreat Linden and I got my goody bag and there were bears in it. Now I have a mission.

I want your bear.

Armed with a "Find A Linden" HUD, a semi-charming personality, and the ability to write about nothing, I am coming after you and your bear. Now you all can make this easy for me and just send me the bears. Or you can let me come and bother you when you could be doing something useful for SLociety. I prefer the first option myself, but I'm not above searching you all out. If you don't want to give me your bear, then I need to know why, so I can write about how mean you are just know why and not write about it.

No, my fingers aren't crossed.

C'mon, you know you want to be nice to one of your biggest fans, right?


PS: If it makes it easier, you can all just get together and throw them in one box and ship it over. I don't mind.


Tristan Micheline said...

Wooooot go Ali go =) i hope you get tons of bears (then we can fill that anticouple sim with them) because they are cute.

Casandra Shilova said...

LOL! Cute!

Nikki Zenovka said...

It's been a good bear day! the Linden ones are cute, and the bear on the pole just cracked me up when I didnt want to huggle it LOL

Dyami Jameson said...

Introducing the newest bear in the Vermont Teddy Bear line.....The Pole Dancing Bear!

I think I saw him walking around mine and Cen's place. He looks like a friendly bear though, so we should be ok. Pooh's cousin maybe?

Katrina said...

ROFL...ok i didnt bother about the pressie cause i was just plain pissed at Linden Labs. but now....well what a ploy to get us softened. Bears! thanks for the heads up i always wanted abear avie:)