Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm Elated!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Earlier in the afternoon, I headed over to listen to my friend Tristan in her first DJ gig in a while. I was excited because although we've been friends for months, I've never had a chance to hear one of her sets. Of course she was wonderful, as I knew she would be. :) But the bigger surprise was who her hostess was - none other than Kellie Iwish of Elate!

I never think of designers doing much more in SL than ... well, designing! So it was really kind of fun to get to meet a designer that I admire in a casual setting.

So Kellie was wearing her latest creation when she came in, and she was kind enough to give me a copy! I'm pretty sure she had no idea who I was or that I blog and that once in a great while I do fashion blogging. :) So being that she was so sweet, and because I like the cute little dress SO much, I wanted to show it off!

The Amy dress
Elate - Amy

Isn't it cute?! The skirt is sculpted and has a resizer script in it. It actually fit me pretty well straight off, but with just a 5% decrease, it fit even better. One thing that I really liked, which the picture doesn't show very well is that the back of the skirt makes you look like you have a cute little butt, rather than trying to dig into your existing butt for a slimmer fit. It's a very curve-enhancing skirt!

I also love the top because of the sheer part. It lets the front be low cut without being slutty. I have so many tops that are just a little too low cut for casual everyday wear, so this is a nice touch. And the adorable little "bow" in the back is just a great little detail. [The floral you see on the sheer part on the back is not actually the dress. I wear a rather large back tattoo most of the time.]

I'm not sure how much this dress costs or if it's even up for sale yet, but go to Elate! anyway because Kellie often has a dollarbie dress on the wall, along with the dollarbies/freebies that she normally has, and she also has a lucky chair. The prices on her clothing are very reasonable on an everyday basis anyway. :)

Thanks for the dress, Kellie, and for being so cool! Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!

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Kellie Iwish said...

Ohmigosh, thank you, Alicia! It looks so cute on you :) The dress was released today.

Also, "I never think of designers doing much more in SL than ... well, designing!" You're totally right, that is what I spend most of my time doing! >.< This is my best friend's club, though so I come by when I can.

Anyway, thanks again for the post. It brightened my day!