Sunday, November 30, 2008

Earthstones - Poinsettia Set

As most people know, Earthstones has been a favorite jewelry store of mine for a while, one of the very very few jewelry stores in SL that I'll bother shopping at. [There's only 2 others that I like, actually.] The jewelry is much like what I'd wear in RL, and the quality is top notch. Designer Abraxxa Anatine really knows her way around a prim! Plus, the store and sim itself are fun to just go hang out at. Cen and I have actually gone out there just to hang out for no other reason than the fact we find it peaceful.

Yesterday, a group notice came out saying that Wes Philbin had started designing for Earthstones and his first set was poinsettia jewelry. Everyone knows I'm in a total Christmas freak right now, so I quickly hopped on over to the store to pick up the set. It's adorable!

Earthstones - Poinsettia Set

Earthstones - Poinsettia Set - Close up

It's not intricate prim work, but anyone who can work a tiny prim has my respect. I like the textures in the petals and the leaves, although I think the silver is a little too bright. That could just be the way it looks on my monitor, though. All in all, it's a wonderful little set and I know it will be one that gets a lot of wear this holiday season.

The Poinsettia Set comes in both silver and gold, and is a steal at $149L for a set, or $50L for the earrings and $99L for the necklace. The necklace also contains a prim resizer script, which I love, but I found that the necklace fit me almost perfectly with just a slight move position wise on my neck. Hopefully Wes will keep up the great work he's started, because I'd love to see more!


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~Gina~ said...

I have a couple of pieces from Earthstones also. Totally love them. Bought them a bit back. With Chritmas here maybe I'll get some jewlery, guess I better start hinting around. Ooo, wonder if they have gift certificates I can pass out as gifts. Thanks for the reminder of how great Earthstones is.