Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh yes, we most certainly did. :)

I've tried not to bring politics here in my blog. But can I get a "HELL YEAH!!" LOL Sorry, I had to. :) The best part was being able to share the election results and the wonderful speech by Obama with someone that I deeply care for. It's one of those moments in time I know I'll always remember.

Tomorrow's Hump Day party will go on at 8pm as usual, and the theme this week is FOOD. So come dressed as food, have food on you, or just hold some kind of food! I hope to be able to come up with a fun party room for us, but if I get sidetracked, we'll be over in the party ball.

I've had a headache almost all day, so I think it's time for some meds and maybe hit the sheets early tonight.


A. Burgess said...

Yes. We. Did.

And I may actually attempt to dress for the party. I mean in costume; I'm usually clothed.

Jeff said...

We totally did.

How much does that rock?! Woo!

(Dangit, looks like I missed another poll! When did it close? Man, I'm slow.)

Joonie said...

I tried to hold back, too, Ali...but I think we're all just so excited and happy! Woohoo!

and Hell yeah!

Seren Dawes said...

*does a happy dance*

now the work begins, but for the first time in 8 years, I am hopeful we can get it done.

It's a new day.

Unknown said...

Not only will I come dressed as food, I will be eating a popsicle, too.

And YAY for OBAMA!!!! WOo Hoo!!!