Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My SL has much craziness in it!!

I have pretty crazy friends.

Crazy fools LOL

For some reason, no matter where I go, even if it's just a nice, normal clothing shop, I almost always teleport in RIGHT next to the craziest av on the sim. Nope, we didn't walk to each other, this is exactly where she was when I TPed in.

Crazy avatar

I also have the misfortune of falling under the water a lot. Your store can be in the middle of mainland, and I'll be the one to fall underneath it. I went to Lo*Momo last night and while walking into the store, fell underneath. For some reason, there was stuff under there. Including this bunny...who looks like he's plotting something.

Crazy Bunny

I have this friend named Erinn and I miss her because she's never around. So sometimes I sit on her porch waiting to see when she's coming home. Ok, so, I only did it last night. But I missed her last night!

Crazy missing Emerald

Luckily in the middle of all the craziness, I find time to meditate, relax, and remember why I love SL. :)

I urge everyone to take some time today and remember why they love it, too. :)



Terri Zhangsun said...

Yea, you can never trust those bunnies...they are evil and always plotting! I live on Envision and the memories of those bunny wars still keep me up at night!

Anonymous said...

Rofl Terri :D !

And yeah I miss Eme too :( !

Nuuna Nitely said...

I love random crazy avatars.:D Umm... I like the lilac tshirt, where is it from?:))

Aisuru Rieko said...

*sneaks up and gives you a REZ DAY GLOMP!!!* thanks for helping to make my SL a nicer place :D