Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trying not to talk trash

Yes yes, I'm playing with my layout. lol I want to make a new header but I'm waiting until later so I can make a wintery Christmas type one. So for now, everyone has to deal with my blog being a mess.

So no, I'm not feeling much better today. I am not a good patient, and I tend to get really bitchy when I'm sick, especially when I got sick because of someone that I dislike greatly who tracked her nasty germs into my house.

I've written about 40 paragraphs now about different things and I keep deleting them because I'm talking so much trash, I'd never be able to apologize enough. lol

I'm thinking about expanding on our little sky world. See, I really want a house from Mudshake, and I think I've been out at the store almost everyday for the past week inspecting. But I couldn't think of where I'd put it, until I was told "Why don't you just add it on up here?" Because...that makes sense? LOL So now the problem is I have to figure out which house. I do like this one, though.


But I don't know if it's the one I really want. I am quite picky, you know.

My ear is itchy and I'm restless. I think it's time for a shower and maybe I'll go out and get some snacks. RLBF is obviously not going to be helpful to me today and go get me anything.


Anonymous said...

I love the yellow house! There's a greyish one about the same size but it's all openish on the inside. I love everything at mudshake I want to buy the whole store :)

Lanie Recreant

C said...

I have a couple posts sitting in drafts for weeks now that I can't bring myself to publish without fear of ... something LOL.

I have a few more jostling around in my head. Sometimes it sucks we can't say what we want to say just because we have blogs.

I might have to start a private one because writing about things that bother me, or things going on in my life DOES help, but it's not worth the dramafest that would crush me.

Lilla said...

Hope you get better. It seems that these highs and lows is like the tide. I like to blame the weather, but it's probably something inside me~sighs~

That yellow house looks so cheerful! And those flowers and butterflies too! Spring and summer always.

Eliza Wrigglesworth said...

To Cen and Alicia...
If you have something that you want to get off your chest, just write it all down and then decide if you want to publish it.
Maybe just putting it all into words will be enough for you to feel better and you won't need to publish it.

<3 your blog, but respect your privacy...Eliza

Emerald Wynn said...

Don't rent out my house! I'm on vacation! I'll be back!

I love Mudshake!!!!

<3 Em

Anonymous said...

I bought that yellow house just the other day. :D I was a colorful streak (which is odd for me) and bought it on a whim. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The layout is easy to settle into (for me, at least) and even has room for a comfy little loft (or that's what I used the space about the cherry room for.) Ah, I love Mudshake. :D