Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the US!!

In honor of the day, I decided to do yet another grateful list. :) This one will be slightly more superficial than my previous one. Slightly. LOL

1. I am still utterly grateful for those I can call my friends. They are amazing in so many ways. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to have gotten know them in whatever way they have let me, whether it's just through group chat or if they are with me in IMs or sitting around talking. They have saved me without even knowing it. I love you guys so much!!!!

2. I'm grateful for Happy Mood. No really! I spend so much time on my bubble chairs or on my bunny. I was lucky enough to get another bunny for my rezday (thank you, Sophia!!) and just looking at the twitchy nose and big brown eyes puts me in a better mood immediately!

My new bunneh!
Me on my new bunny, wearing a new shirt I got at Zaara tonight using the giftcard Tymmerie & Jerremy gave me for my rezday! Thank you!

3. Giftcards. Holy cow, I love SL giftcards. The ones that you hold like a credit card and pay with, I should say. Not that the notecard ones don't work just as well, but the others are easier. Whoever came up with the giftcard system is a genius. [This is not me begging for giftcards. I'm saying I just like the system. I usually buy myself giftcards at the giftcard sales that some people have just so I can shop later as a pick me up!]

4. Poses and the fabulous posemakers!! Without Sai Pennell of Imperial Elegance, Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose, and Zelly Mornington of Striking Poses, my pictures would have me standing around looking crazy. LOL!

5. Bling. Oh now, hang on just a second, hear me out. I hate bling as a fashion item. Your shoes, ears, and chest don't need to be shooting out sparks, seriously. I catch you like that, I'm going to take your picture for WTFug. But without bling, how could things that make us laugh so damn hard, like the Blingis and Sehra's enormous blinging pumpkin, be possible??

That's my list. :) Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, don't eat so much you make yourself sick, be careful if you're traveling, don't kill your relatives, and remember to have fun!!!

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Dyami Jameson said...

No relatives here to kill this year, keeps stress low. So I'm good!

Hope your holiday weekend is great!