Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It's Veteran's and Remembrance Day in the US and Canada. I've lost 2 classmates [that I know of] in the past 3 years because they were in the military and sent overseas. Although I know they died doing what they felt was right, it's a pain in my heart everyday knowing those beautiful men will never see their children grow up. So thank you, soldiers, for doing what you do.


Tonight is Sam & Bella's rezday party. Yeah, I know, Bella. It's just supposed to be Sam's party. :-p But it's your day too. I'm DJing for the party, so that should be fun.

And it occurred to me that haven't chosen a theme for tomorrow night's hump day party! Ack!

Oh, and I also wanted to say that I won't be able to DJ the party the day before Thanksgiving because I'll be busy cooking and everything. So if you all don't mind, could we move the party to Tuesday?

Also, if anyone is ever interested in hosting a party at your home or store or club, just speak up. It doesn't always have to be on Bluebonnet. :) You can even pick the theme if you host. :)

I'm exceptionally sleepy at the moment...I think I need to eat something since I've been up for hours and haven't. Either that or take a nap. When am I just going to be able to recharge like my phone?!

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C said...

How about a military theme?