Saturday, November 29, 2008

Winter Picture Challenge!!

Ok kids, we've got a challenge for this week! :) Because, well, I'm having fun doing this by myself and I want to make you all do it with me.

Winter pictures!! Your goal for this week is to go out there and take at least ONE fabulous picture with "Winter" as your theme. No no, doesn't count if your name is Winter or you take a picture of someone named Winter. Go find snow, ice, holiday items, whatever you like! But of course there are just TWO teeny tiny rules:

* You must use a different light setting than just the default noon, midnight, sunset, or sunrise. That means actually go into the Environment Editor and pick either one of the Windlight presets [Pirate, Gelatto, etc], download some presets, or smush around and make your own! [If you cannot use Windlight for whatever reason, be sure to say that.]


* You must have at least one visible snowflake somewhere in the picture.

Your entry picture(s) should be shown on Friday, December 5th. You can go crazy in Photoshop with them, or use just the Windlight settings to fancy them up. Some of you might want to collaborate with another blogger and produce just one picture, or if you want to show a whole series, that's cool, too! Just have fun with it!

If you aren't a blogger and you want to play, take your pictures, upload them to whatever hosting site you use [Flickr, Photobucket, Tinypic], and then IM me in world and give me the link. I'll show them off here in my blog. :)



Anonymous said...

Quaintly searches SLX for "snowflake". (woot)


Unknown said...

I have never seen snow in my RL Winter. It rains, sure, but there's no snow and no ice. ;)
SL has lots of beautiful snowy landscapes.

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL Ana! I know, where I live it's very rare we get real snow that sticks around. But it's great we can have it in SL!

Hator Reyna said...

oohh...damn... i guess i've been challenging myself since november cause i've been mad in all christmas sims, taking pics insanelly...*giggles a lot*

Casandra Shilova said...

I posted mine!