Friday, November 7, 2008

Nice Day

Good days and bad days. Today seems to be a better day. :) Could be because I slept so darn much yesterday. Could be because I was woken up with a voice in my ear that I love hearing. :) Could be because I'm actually going out tonight with my rl best friend and that's always fun. Or it could be just because the sun is out. You just never know. :)

I will say this, though. Designers really would make more of a fortune if they offered options for gifts. No, not gift cards. Sometimes that's just impersonal. But actual gifts. You see, it's someone's birthday today, someone who is very special to me, and I was on the hunt today for gifts. I think I did ok, but I guess we'll see what he thinks. :)

I know, this post is peppered with smileys. :-p

Anyway, I need to go finish my hair and get ready to go out. Mexican food and some kind of dessert is on the gameplan, along with a trip to the mall, so I need baggy jeans and nice hair. LOL

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