Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cleaning The Desktop

It's time for everybody's favorite day [well, mine anyway] - the day I clean off the desktop and see what pictures didn't make the blog this week!

There were a BUNCH this week. I snap pictures constantly. It's a sickness, I believe. :)

I don't know who this girl is, but ... soup!

A fog rolled in.

Row, bunny! Row!
Bunneh Raft

This hair makes me laugh for some reason.
Crazy Hair

I went to ETD and there were all kinds there. ;)
Bag Lady

We have to stand the rain...
Rainy Bubbles

...if we ever want to see the rainbow!
Double Rainbow

I still love Happy Mood, and I want this rocking horse.

In my defense, I didn't know the particles were THAT crazy.
Crazy Birthday

But he seemed to like it all the same. :)
Happy Birthday!

Playing with Codie's Rouge Windlight presets. I love presets that I can download. I don't like it when I have to look at the numbers myself.
Red Skies

Last week I left Sehra dinner on her house. This week, Emerald got some turkey too!


Unknown said...

Hey - I have that soup can shirt, too. I guess I could have worn it to the food themed hump day party if my internet hadn't died. :-(

Sai Pennell said...

OMg, I recognize one of those pictures! LOL, I can't believe you caught a snapshot of me like that XD

/me hides face.

Oh wait.... my face is already hidden in the picture, no one knows its me. :P

Anonymous said...

Hey I have that rocking horse you can come use it anytime :D

Lilla said...

I see butt cheeks in one of those pictures. Or are my eyes playing tricks?

C said...

Hey that's our place under the rainbow!
I wonder where the pot of gold is?

Unknown said...

Oh - I forgot to mention one thing about the soup can -- it is a top NOT a dress. So in addition to having questionable taste (I admit - I do also) she is bottomless.

Katrina said...

Rainbows....*looks at it whistfully*

Katrina said...

Bottomless? O.O