Friday, November 28, 2008

Heights & Holiday Stuff

This blog post talking about avatar height was one that really interested me this morning.

I've always been a smaller avatar. I'm proportionate, and my height is realistic at 5'7. Well, that's not realistic to who I am in RL, since that's taller than me. :) I really love my avatar. I think she's pretty and although poseballs have always been a challenge and most prim skirts are made to fit avatars with much more enormous hips than hers, I can't imagine changing her too much.

One thing I have noticed in the past year is that avatars that are similar tend to hang out together. I have friends who are taller than me and shorter than me, but as a group, we are all fairly similar in heights and proportions. So when we're out on our own and encounter a group of gigantic glamazons [they do tend to run in packs for some reason], it's a little more noticeable, I believe.

So in other news, there's snow on the island now!! Last night the blizzard hit. I think the most fun part of the whole thing was how excited Sehra was about the whole thing. :) I set up a place for ice skating, and we're going to start throwing all kinds of Christmas stuff around soon and holiday music is already playing. But if you're not into snow, don't worry. The snow melts on January 1st and we'll be back to our normal summery beach island. :)

I see a few gifts out that I think I must have, and I need to get to shopping for all my Christmas stuff!!

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