Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Put socks on!" - My mom.

I have loads of things I could talk about, but I fell in love with something in SL and felt the need to show, even though probably everybody and their mom knows about these already.

Socks by Shiny Things!!

Shiny Things Socks

I had seen these in the store before, but I always thought, "Yeah, socks, whatever." But after buying those cutie pie Kristin boots from ETD [the ones in the pic], I realized my ankle and upper foot looked pretty bare under my jeans. I have a few socks already, but none really looked like socks underneath. They mostly looked like I had put on a sock layer and tinted it. Then my brain clicked in and I thought, "Oh wait...Shiny Things has socks. Striped ones even."

So I hopped over and picked up a pack of the striped socks. Oh my god, just what I wanted!!! So so cute, and soooo like socks I'd wear in RL!! In fact, the blue striped ones look almost just like a pair I have in RL, except mine only go up to the lower calf.

Striped socks

Earlier today I was getting dressed and I thought, "Hey, you know what? These striped socks rock and all, but I need plain ones, too." So I threw my clothes on and headed back to Shiny Things and picked up the light & dark packs. I put the pretty pink socks on that matched my sweater and I was a happy camper. Of course then I put jeans back on in place of the skirt I had, but even with the jeans they looked fab when you could see them, and I knew that I had them on, which made it all worth it.

So um, to get to the point of the story...go to Shiny Things, home of some of the most fabulous shoes and boots in SL, and pick up socks! $99L a pack, and very well worth it! :)

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