Friday, January 25, 2008


I went looking for libraries in SL tonight. You know, in case I ever feel like becoming a librarian and reading The Cat In The Hat to children. I didn't really find what I was looking for, but I was very surprised to see that there are a lot of universities that have a presence in Second Life. Not just the crazy roleplay ones, but actual schools, such as Princeton, Bryn Mawr, San Jose State, and others.


I always did want to go to an Ivy League. And hey, they did have a library!

Princeton Library

I did what I used to do in college. Sit in the library and wait for a cute college boy to walk by. But then I realized that I'm too old for a college boy. Too bad.

For some reason, this was on the campus at the University of Richmond.


I'm pretty sure at this point, that's where I'd get accepted. I can major in Moonshine Making!

My favorite campus was the University of Idaho. It was very pretty, although still being built.

University of Idaho

The buildings are all pretty much just half done, but it's going to look great when they complete it.

I was a little sad that Harvard isn't in SL. I wanted to sneak around and see if I could find the Order of Skull & Bones or an even more secret society.

I believe it's time for bed. Finally!

Time for bed!


T said...

Have you seen the build on Alexander Beach at Princeton? It's breath-taking, a building straight out of sci-fi. Check it out! :)

Alicia Chenaux said...

I did see that and it's great! I especially like the music that is out there. Very relaxing. :)