Saturday, January 26, 2008


It was one of those nights where I couldn't sleep and then got up early for some insane reason. [The insane reason being my kitten, who was insanely hungry and wouldn't be able to walk another step without some morsels of food in his tummy according to his meowing.] So I'm feeling a bit punchy.

I stopped over at Symphony Skins today to pick up their free skins. Very cute makeup on the Masquerade skins. It's not anything I'd wear on a normal basis since I'm still very much in love with the skin I got at <3Cupcakes, but for fun, it's lovely. I would have pictures to show but SL started to act crazy on me and when I logged out, I was wearing jeans, no shirt, with my head in my <3Cupcakes skin and my torso in the Symphony skin. Not very visually appealing.

Of course, I have a small suspicion that the Symphony Skins are actually modified Another Shop skins. The belly button looks near the same. But if they are, they're modified enough to where that's not your first thought. Plus, I like the shading of the Symphony Skin a lot better, especially on the butt. Again, I just have a small suspicion. I'm not saying they are or aren't. If they are, who cares? If they're not, then the belly button is just similar. People go so crazy over the modifications of Another Shop skins. It's ridiculous. If the modification is enough to where you have to stare at it and flip back and forth between skins to try to tell the difference, then . . . you have too much time on your hands. Go find something to do.

The lovely Sidonie Larkham has a blog now and didn't tell me about it! :) Honey, I'm blonde. I don't see things right away! Go check her out, especially since she's met a boy and you know you all love to read about things like that. Sidonie, beware of the Hulk! If he gets too in your face, I think I know some guys with guns. :)

I'm going to finish burning some CDs and then go real world shopping. I know. It's not quite as fun in the real world when you go shopping and they don't just LET you take something home for free. Oh, by the way, I believe the ETD $25L hair sale is over today, so try to get in there if you can. I now own every ETD style that I liked. I don't think I'll be needing new hair for a long long time.

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Sidonie said...

omg, Thank you for the shout out!

Hey, TAP *Tete A Pied* is having a sale on some of their skins half price if anybody cares . :)

And i'm so sorry i didn't let you know, I figured you'd figure it out and that hulk guy is scary!