Monday, January 21, 2008

A n00b By Any Other Name...

Something has been on my mind lately. When exactly is someone in SL considered to not be a n00b anymore?

Is there a certain timeline? Are you not a n00b when you are exactly 7 days, or 2 weeks, or 3 months into SL?

Or do you no longer hold the title when you get a nice skin or prim hair? If that's so, then there are a lot of people who were never n00bs with the nice things that they give out on some welcome islands, such as CSI or The L Word. And there are many many n00b men who have been in world for more than 2 years considering the amount of guys I see who have Linden hair and skin, and texture shoes. [Oh won't someone help these men?!]

Or could it be something more subtle? Maybe it's the day that you see someone walk past and say to yourself, "Wow, what a blingtard." Or when you get into a discussion with someone on what permissions should be used in an item that you've built.

I still consider myself a n00b in many respects. I'm still figuring out where fun people are, I'm still learning what all the building tools do, I'm discovering new things everyday. But isn't that the same for everyone?

What do you all think? When did you stop being n00b?

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Daman Tenk said...

To me, there has always been a difference between a newbie and a noob.

The games I used to play in the past, the forums I used to visit in the past ... noob wasn't exactly a compliment. It wasn't a harsh insult either, but it meant you were basically a lesser player.

Newbie to me never had that negative corrolation though, it just means you've been ingame for a short period.

So to me you stop being a noob when you realise the eccentricities of second life. Your example of calling a blingtard a blingtard suits well.

As for me personally, I considered myself no longer a noob after about half a year. Of course, of that half year I only played about 3 months because I wasn't in SL all summer. But that was the time when I swore off all bling, when I began being demanding about my outfits, and where I began socialising with people in SL outside of my girlfriend.