Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh dear.

Note: If you're here from Tymmerie's blog, you're looking for the post right after this one. And I promise, I'm not walking around like that! The bow doesn't match my slippers. :-p

With the recent theme of the freebies and treasure hunts, there's only one thing it can mean.

Valentine's Day is coming.

For you that are happily taken, I'm sure it's all hearts and rainbows. For the rest of us, it kind of sucks!


You have to admit - it's a lot nicer when you know you have someone to make a little fuss over you and vice versa on that day. I enjoy celebrating things, giving gifts, and all of that. And I know that I'll get my friends a little something for that day. But to have an actual Valentine... Even the most unromantic person still kind of wants someone to just sit on a swing with.


I know what you're saying. I'm independent and a little bossy and I don't seem like the sappy type. Surprise! I am a complete and total girl about things like this.

Maybe I should hold a contest. Who Wants To Be Ali's Valentine? Has there been a contest like The Bachelor held in SL yet? I could be the Bachelorette!

[I'm laughing as I write this, but I kind of think it's a fun idea too.]

Now, it's not that I don't know any men. I know some very decent ones and once in a while they take me dancing. [What is it with always picking to go dance somewhere? I like dancing as much as the next person, and I enjoy activities that don't require a lot of walking/flying, but my gosh.] But unfortunately, I haven't really felt that SPARK with any of them. Oh, I like them. Don't get me wrong. But for me, there's not that electric spark with any of the guys on my friends list. Is the spark something that happens right away? Or does it really need time? I haven't a clue.

Anyway, I'm still having fun with all the Valentine's freebies that are being given out, such as the very cool hoodie I'm wearing from Winter Moon. I think this one was a group gift, but the red & pink one can be picked up at the store. Plus I went on a treasure hunt tonight at Gizland and although I didn't care for the dresses I got, I did get a very nice little underwear set that I know I'll wear.

I'm going back to exploring in my pajamas and kitty slippers.


Tymmerie Thorne said...

You could submit yourself to the Eligible in SL feature on the Y Me blog (see link above).

However - how fun to have a "Win a Date with Alicia" contest!! You could blog about your dates!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the "spark" question!

I find it happens pretty fast for me, but on the other hand I just like women, so it happens a lot. (yes, big male slut made of pixels)

I "met" a few girls by purchasing them at a CARP auction. It was for a worthy cause, and that was my primary motivation. Honest.

Sidonie said...

Hey, Alicia :)

I'm tickled cause I just saw your picture and I know it's from pillow talk and that's where I am right now waiting for my new neighbor (and registered sexy man) to come back from afk.

I love the win a date with idea, :)

I've discovered that something about having your place with neighbors around seems to enhance the meeting people thing. FWIW. I'm in the Sicily Beach sim.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Tymmerie - I would LOVE to blog about my dates. I just have to find guys to date who won't mind it! LOL

Casius - Well, as long as it was for charity. :)

Sidonie - That's exactly the reason why I moved from my lonely quiet apartment to a place where there's frequently a bunch of people. Not that I've met many of them. LOL

Tymmerie Thorne said...

OMG!!!! I have the best idea!! I will chaperone your dates (to make sure the guys don't try any monkey business with our Alicia, of course). and then *I* will blog about your dates.

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL! OMG, that would be great! They can take me to sit on the beach, and you can sit in between. Oh man. LOL!!!

Wrath Paine said...

As a matter of fact, I do seem to recall a Bachelor in SL thing back around the time I joined SL. Uh, not that I joined SL to be The Bachelor or anything, ahem, moving on now... heh.

But you know, I am really warming to the thought of a date with Ali, with Tymmerie tagging along ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia! I really enjoy reading your blog, it's awesome. I have the same problem, can find a man in SL! they usually are offering sex and stuff , but nothing serious,when i see the lovely dovely couples i feel depressed, thou sL it's supposed to be a game, but i think everyone want to have someone very close and i wonder why guys are chatting, but on the next day they act like nothing happened and it happens very often. I have realised that shouldn't wait for a miracle to happen, just be the first who talks, but it's so hard, u never know... i have had bad experience with it....I hope you'll meet the one and keep the good work. P.S. i read ur blog every day, it's like drugs^^