Saturday, January 12, 2008


I did hit up the treasure hunt at Ohana Isle after my last post. WOW. I have NEVER been to a hunt that spanned an island! I didn't find everything, so I'll have to go back. I picked up some pretty neat things, like geisha hair and a kimono and some other things that I can't remember. Plus, I got a lot of cool freebies from shops & lucky chairs along the way.

Tonight was my first event hosting, and it was fun but dead at the same time. I know it wasn't my fault that it wasn't full, and I sure did my job at inviting folks in, but the club is still very new. It'll pick up.

One cool thing was that Daman Tenk from the Detachable Penis blog stopped in! He was nice enough to IM me earlier to say hi. Hi Daman! Not that I expect you to answer in here, being that I'm all lame with my blogspot. ;) He's got the coolest hair ever, along with being extremely nice. :)

My first event!

I'm not sure why one of the walls didn't show up in the picture. It was still a good time, though. My bosses, Pain & Rage, are two of the funniest people I've met in SL.

Pain & Rage

Aren't they cute?

We ended the event early, and I decided to head out and end my homelessness in SL. There are a lot of REALLY expensive rentals out there! I really don't need anything fancy, and the place is more just so I can change clothes and have somewhere that is just "mine." Not that I haven't had fun living on a bench. :) And I'll still be out at the sandboxes building things, but I thought I'd see what having an apartment was like in SL. I ended up finding one that is $100L a week. I know, that goes against my $5L a day thing. I'm still NOT giving that up, even if I'm working.

CeNedra IMed me to ask if I wanted to go out to hear her friend DJ at a country bar. I'm always up for country music, so I got myself into some honky tonk gear [and yes, I bought another $25L hair at ETD. I really need to stop this!] and headed out to the bar. It was so much fun!

Even more bar dancing!

More Bar Dancing

Line Dancing

The DJ was really good, and it was tons of fun. I also got to kind of meet Cen's boyfriend Rick. I say "kind of" because he wasn't able to stay long and we didn't really talk. After the official contest was over, Cen and I went exploring the sim. It's really cool and a great date place. We explored a treehouse and a garden and an underwater cave.


Aren't we the cutest? By the way, everything we have on was free, except our $25L ETD hair.


The cave has floating balls, and cuddle balls and it's really nice. There was a guy in there when we got there, but he was alone and then left. Maybe we bothered him?

Resting Cowgirls

Cowgirls need to rest too, ya know.

While out there, we ran into this girl who was "new" but had joined before I did. She hadn't been able to play before because of her old computer, but now has a new one. She was sweet, and we piled her with free things and notecards and landmarks, along with taking her to a few places. Cen and I are so hardcore with the freebies. :) I wonder if the designers of SL know how happy they make people when they put something out for free. I hope they know and it's not just something they do because they feel they have to do it. Trust me, designers, it's very appreciated!

One thing I wish is that there was a timer or something to show how old you really are in SL. Like our new friend had joined in October, but hadn't gotten to play until after Christmas. So it is like she is only a couple of weeks into the game, not 3 months, so she isn't able to collect the free things like the free Gurl 6 hair, or the outfit from Szentasha, or the Tete a Pied newbie skin.

I'm so tired, so it's definitely bedtime.

Alicia's Tip Of The Day: If you're new, get those gifts as soon as you can!!

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Daman Tenk said...


Well fine :P I'll comment this time.

It has nothing to do with you or your blog, I just don't like how the comment function works on these blogs run by Google.

Anyway, it was a fun night.

About the freebies. I don't think many designers give them out because they think they have to. I think the two biggest reasons are:

- making people happy, as you say.

- publicity, I think it was Fabulously Free that posted about this a few months ago, or it could have been SL Freestyle. But they said that whenever a store got blogged for freebies, they had a serious rise in sales for a few days. Just like RL, giving away free stuff is sometimes the best publicity.