Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mostly Pics

It was one of those fun nights where I snapped a million pictures, most of which I then deleted because they weren't all that great. So hey, guess what? You all get to see some pictures! I'm not sure how to do a cut here, so suffer through my pics loading. :) Just to make it easy, I'll make them smaller.

I attended a camo event tonight, so I pulled out the big crazy boots from my earlier blog post, along with the skirt that I modified to fit me. It also came with a hat. Oh, I was a primmy, blinging chica tonight! I didn't enter the contest because I work for the club, even though I wasn't working tonight, but I think I would have won.


After that, Cen IMed me and asked if I'd ever ridden a motorcycle in SL. I haven't, so she TPed me over to where she hangs out and a guy named Hyde was nice enough to take me around. I crashed a couple of times, but it was still fun!


When we were done there, we headed back to her place and her boyfriend Rickman took us on a boat ride, which I didn't manage to get a pic of before everyone's hair and shoes looked like they were floating around and then I crashed. We also explored Nantucket a little in the boat, and I will definitely have to remember to go back and check it out again because it looked charming.

We went to where New Orleans is being recreated, and it was lots of fun! I'm just going to throw down some pics.

The funniest thing was when we got some absinthe.

Green Fairies

I fell!

Cen fell down!

We didn't get any beads for dancing with him. :-p

3 Dancing

Cen and I are such rebels, we were just all over the cop car.

Just try and stop us!

It's a really great sim and it's still being built, so I can't wait to see what it's like at completion. I'm thinking about moving there, it's so cool. I would just love one of the little houses!

Wow, I am getting super sleepy. I better hurry this up.

Cen had mentioned Pillow Talk to me earlier, and I got to try out her awesome sleeping bag, so after she went to bed I went out there to look around. Oh it's just lovely, especially on the ground! And the pillows and chairs and other things are wonderful!

On the bridge

[Btw, I went out to <3 Cupcakes earlier to pick up the free dresses and I couldn't stop myself...I bought a skin. It may be the first one I've ever spent more than $1L on! It was just $100L, which I think was a really great price for such a lovely skin. People need to keep me occupied because when I'm left by myself too long, the $5L plan seems to fly out the window.]

Tree Sitting


Beach Bunny

It would look better in windlight

There is a great house you can go into at the Pillow Talk sim and it has all kinds of neat things you can buy. You can even buy the house! All the rooms have Pillow Talk accessories and furniture.


I died laughing when I sat down and this little thing popped up. I had to put on my Emoter HUD and make a face.

Is this mine!?

It was the ugliest baby. It was practically purple!

I also went to ETD and picked up demos, just to see how they're constructed. I'm not going ot give up on hair making until I get something wearable! But while I was there, I couldn't help but laugh at how teensy I am in comparison to most of the "models" and dancers that were wandering around.


She bumped into me, so I can tell you that I only came up to her shoulder. When I'm alone I forget that most of the women running around have their height slider maxed out, and then have 10 inch heels on.

It's so late, it's practically early.

Alicia's Tip Of The Day: When you're out exploring, don't forget to make landmarks!

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Daman Tenk said...

I followed a hairmaking class about half a year ago. Never did much with it afterwards, but I can send you the notecards of it and some of the class items if you want.