Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I spent about an hour tonight trying to figure out the issue tracker site. It's not very user friendly. I was attempting to build tonight and it was just crazy because edits wouldn't stick and I had to redo textures about 20 times before they'd stay put. Not very fun. Supposedly, from what I can gather from Jira, there is a patch or a fix in the release candidate viewer. At least for the texture issue. I guess I'll download that tomorrow and see if that helps any. I did finally get my little project finished, though.

Kitty Slippers

I need to fix the texture on the tail, but I really like them. Cartoonish kitties for my feet. The whiskers and tail are flexi, of course.

Speaking of animals, Cen and Rick stopped over tonight to show me their new avs.

Aren't they cute?

Just too cute. Cen's av is supposed to be ridable but the saddle never made it through. When she gets that, don't be surprised if you see me riding her around when we're shopping! Both avatars are really well done with great sitting poses and fire for the dragon and everything.

I went out to the Sin Skins sim [say that 5 times fast] tonight just because I wanted to see what was out there. My original skin in SL was done by Portia Sin, and my current eyes, which get lots of compliments, are also by her. Well, she's got a little pearl hunt going on. I was only able to find 3 pearls, so either I just wasn't looking in the right spots or the hunt is over and those were just leftovers, but I got 2 skins and a manicure for free, so I'm not complaining. I was really excited that one of the skins was one of her Clara Bow skins. If you don't know who Clara Bow is, she was a very famous silent films actress, known for her sex appeal and she was considered the first "It Girl." She was also known as THE flapper girl of the time. Getting this skin with the little Clara Bow mouth delighted me because I got a simply gorgeous free flapper dress at Vintage Clothing Reproductions today. It inspired me to cook up a little photo for myself.


It's nice what diffuse glow can do for a picture. :) I didn't want to make the whole thing sepia toned, or black & white, so I fiddled around until I got this. If I were smarter, I'd have taken off all my bracelets before the pic, but I AM blonde, as you can see. The dress itself is navy blue with the chest and pelvis attachments, plus the garter for the right leg, and the headband. It's really marvelous. My Clara Bow skin was the perfect touch. It's not a skin I would wear everyday, but for this, I really liked it.

I am, of course, going to have to go back out to Sin Skins when I log on again to hunt out the other pearls or find out if the hunt is truly over or not.

There are things in SL I pick up simply because they're freebies or dollarbies and I like them enough to get them. But there are other things that I consider investment pieces. Like all the hair I've managed to buy from ETD. Although it goes against my challenge budget, I never purchase any that I haven't tried on a demo [and kudos for those demos being absolutely free] and I know that I'll get a lot of use out of. I consider my home an investment as well. My next "big" investment is going to be a great pair of boots. So tell me - where does one go for great, slim boots?


Sidonie said...

if you can get into the last call sim right now, they have a shoe shop (it's separate from the main shop but on the same sim, you can find it by searching for covet in search = covet is the jewelry department but the shoes and jewelry are together) they have a nice boot called Liah. iirc they sell for 250L each or 600 for 4 pair in related colors.

Enkythings (of the dollar store fame) also has a very nice shoe department and i think they sell for around 350.

and i'm not afraid of you looking me up!

Tymmerie Thorne said...

I second that shout out to Enkythings - the Pinson boots are marvelous. They have a very classic line and nice high spike heels. And since you have such a small/slender avatar they will fit you beautifully. (They are on the small size.)

Andria said...

That hunt at sin skins is still going on? That's amazing!! I think I still know where to find the rest of the pearls, give me an IM in-game (Andria Meredith) and I'll have some hints for you if you want to finish it. ^^

Marianne said...

Redgrave boots.
They come in small and medium sized calf - and the best is that they are transfer! Yes.....so you and a friend can buy a pair for 400 L, you take the small size and she the medium, and pay 200 L each. Isn't that a wonderful prize for a pair of top quality boots? 200 L...I say it again! Note that even the medium size isn't exactly big, so your friend has to have thin calfs too. No plus size can use those boots.