Monday, January 7, 2008

Day Of Firsts

As I've mentioned before, I've had a hard time meeting people in SL to really be friends with. I have my friend Fudo, and we explore sims together if he's on. But other than him I don't know a lot of people. I haven't been hit on, I haven't had random offers of sex even though all the other women in SL that I've seen say that they get hit up for sex all the time. I decided that maybe the thing to do is get a job, and that way I'd meet some people hopefully.

My decision to go job hunting did put an end to the thing I've been wondering about in SL. The reason there are so many whore clothes and shoes is because if you are not a designer or a builder or a scripter, pretty much the only other option is to be a stripper or an escort. Since I don't have any skills in the other areas, I figured I would delve into the world of the stripper.

I hit up the classifieds and started hopping from place to place. Like a RL job, you have to fill out applications for an SL job. I picked up a few, then realized that I needed a "sexy" picture. So I looked up "photography" and ended up in this cute place with some couches and chairs. I put on some lingerie I happened to have and took a pic quickly. It came out pretty good, I think. Then I kept going on with my club hop.

There are some really terrible clubs in SL! I don't understand how someone can rent out a tiny spot in a mall, put up a few poles, and call it a club.

I landed at one club today and it was nice. Spacious, laid out well, and no crazy lights and particles. While I filled out an application, I met one of the dancers and one guest. They were so nice! I ended up sticking around, especially when the dancer, who is a male, and I started talking more.

And more.

And more.

Then he asked me to slow dance, my first in SL! He was flirting with me too, another first!

And then . . .

He kissed me.

You're still reading.

Ok so anyway, it's been quite a day for me. I've made friends, I've had fun, and I still haven't done some things that I planned on.

I think today is the first time since I started SL that I could see what others see in it.

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