Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

As I mentioned last night, I have a dirty secret to tell you all.

I love reality tv.

Yes, I walk around like I'm cool, but the truth is, I love to see people on tv acting like fools to get money or 30 seconds of fame or whatever they get. Wife Swap, The Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, and of course American Idol. I love them all.

I like to watch these shows and I laugh and cry and I wonder what possesses someone to go on television and do things like live in someone else's home, or eat baby fetus ducks, or have a boob job done. Is it worth having millions of people asking "What the hell was THAT?!" when you do something stupid?

But I was wondering - with voice in SL, is it possible one day we'll have SL Idol? Oh please oh please oh please let me be a judge for that!

If you're watching American Idol tonight, feel free to IM me to talk about it. :)

Cen signed on for a bit today and she showed me where to pick up some free vehicles. I got a pink helicopter, a monster truck, and a couple of other things. She showed me her monster truck.

Just like the Titanic

I can't say much. LOL After she left to go back to work and I got my truck, I ended up in the water, too.

She did give me the landmark to a racetrack and you can rez out your own cars, or get a vespa or a motorcycle there to drive around.

Woo woo woo!

I should have put on my cop outfit!! But I did rez out one of the cars I got today, and some random guy jumped in. I made him laugh because of my terrible driving that had us airborne more than a few times. I hope he didn't think that when he got in my car, uninvited, that he was in for a good ride.

Wow, that sounded dirty.

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CeNedra said...

OK...you knew I couldn't drive (or fly or walk) but now you know I log on from work on my lunch breaks of course :P