Friday, January 18, 2008

Yawn...where's my caffeine?

Most people who know me know that I'm a hardcore caffeine junkie. I love the stuff. Whether it comes in soda, coffee, or tea, I'm all over it. So tonight I decided to seek out some coffeehouses. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed in what I found, but some places were quite nice. Of course, it's late, so maybe I'll go searching again in the afternoon. I did find one place that was lovely, so I had to take a seat outside.

Sunset coffee

Check out my cool shirt. It's a free group gift from Dutch Touch. Love their gifts. I love this shirt because it reminds me of a guy's shirt, and nothing is better than wrapping yourself up in your boyfriend's shirt.

Before my coffee run, I was wandering around in my pajamas, as I usually do after midnight, and I found myself at Vanilla Designs, which has some cute and inexpensive/free things. Since I'd planned on sitting down and clearing out some inventory, I figured, "Hey, why not sit and win something while I do this?" So my duckies and I sat ourselves down.

Camping for prizes

I managed to get rid of over 1000 items from my inventory and 45 minutes later, I got a $50L gift card, which I promptly turned in for those boots that are on the sign behind me, and some cute jeans. Told you the place was inexpensive. I did pick up a few more things while I was in there, like a cute freebie sweater and some freebie sculpty hats. I couldn't help it!

My bed is calling my name, but I leave you all again with a picture that demonstrates how incredibly tiny I am, or how incredibly huge other women in SL are.

Man, I really am short.

I don't mind being petite, but I do wonder what other women think when I teleport in next to them and they're towering over me. I'm really amused by the whole thing, and I think that is the number one reason why I don't make myself taller to match them. Besides, I wouldn't look this cute on my couch if I were taller. ;) Goodnight!

Couch sitting is the best!


Moira Indigo said...

My av is 5'4. I don't think that's all that bitsy, but I look like a midget compared to most others, too.

*shrugs* I like being petite.

CeNedra R said...

Hey There Ali,

When I started SL I wanted to be "petite", similar to my RL height but quickly realized that wasn't going to work because it made me much too small compared to others in SL.

Then I thought about it and nothing else about my Avatar was exactly like RL (shock!) so I went taller, not maxed out, but definitely taller.

I decided to keep it in perspective, I am shorter than most people in RL, but not bellybutton height LOL.

I also got tired of my feet not touching the ground when I danced, being kissed on my hair instead of my face, or not being able to reach the guy in front of me when I ride on the back of a bike.

Many things in SL are geared to taller Avatars, and most residents are tall, so I guess I caved into peer pressure.

Also when I was smaller, some people thought I was a child avatar. I certainly did not want to project that image, to each their own, but... not my thing.