Friday, January 11, 2008

Camping Out

I decided today that I was going to organize my inventory, and while I did that, I might as well get something out of it, right? So I headed to a camping spot and plunked down.

Could there be a more boring pastime in SL?

First of all, no one talks. I'm guessing that they sit down and then go do their real world things. Second, oh my god, it's just SITTING. I did have time to sort through inventory and IM a couple of people, so I guess that's ok. But wow, if I did this a LOT, I think I'd fall asleep in my chair.

Still, $20L for doing nothing is kind of sweet, and I did get some things accomplished.

Ohana Isle is having a treasure hunt and I LOVE treasure hunts! I'm going to head over soon. I have gone to 3 hunts since starting SL and it's always fun. I love seeking out the little boxes and ending up with a lot of nifty little freebies. I even got a bed that has animations and a couch from a hunt I hit up this past week. NOt that I have a house, but you know, one day I may actually quit living on a park bench. :)

My computer is going slower and slower as I type, so I guess a restart is in order.

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