Thursday, January 31, 2008

I need food!

I sat around tonight and attempted to unpack all my boxes from today, but it's just so much. I ended up just climbing into my PJs and chatting with my two favorites while I laid on the couch, looking at pictures. :)

Thinking :)

Now, I did end up hitting a few more stores that I realized I hadn't been to yet, and I picked up some nice things. Actually, almost every single thing I picked up today was great. Most of the designers really took to heart the birthday thing and gave just the best gifts. I even got some bangle bracelets that have jade, and I love jade. My inventory is crazy and I'm still kind of dazed from it all, but I'm so happy. :)

After everyone went to bed, I started thinking about earlier this month when I went and weighed myself. I was 123 pounds then, and wondered if I'd be the same weight after such a hard day of shopping. I couldn't find the hospital that I'd weighed at before, but I found this really great scale!

Let's see here...

After taking off my slippers and clicking buttons, my weight registered. 107 pounds. I've lost 16 pounds!

I lost weight shopping!

Oh no, now all my new clothes will be too big! So I set out to try to put some weight on.

I was going to drive around, since that would not make me burn as many calories, but wow, even in SL gas is high!

Gas is HIGH!

But I found a diner and sat down to enjoy some greasy diner food. Mmm!

Time to eat!

I was so excited to get a meal. After all, I'm very busy, and rarely have time to eat. No wonder I've managed to lose 16 pounds! I was so excited, in fact, I had to dance.

The Burger Dance

Then I realized that dancing would burn calories, and that's not what I was going for. I finished my meal and came home.

All in all, it was a pretty cool day. I'm headed to bed now so tomorrow I can tackle that inventory!

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