Sunday, January 27, 2008

Horses & Space

I had the chance today to meet up with Casius Masala, who was a blog groupie, but has now become one of us. :)


He has built the most magnificent sim! It's just gorgeous. If I lived there, I'd probably never leave! We had a great afternoon hanging out. We went to the Oracle at Svarga [I still don't understand my fortune], and he took me horseback riding!


Before barrel racing

You can pick up a free demo horse at the sim. I think it's a lovely horse, don't you? :) And of course if you'd like, you can buy your own horse, plus accessories too. The sim was way lagged with all the people and horses, but we still were able to ride. There is also a steeplechase track and a place for barrel racing. I think I make a lovely equestrienne, don't you? :-p

After our ride, he took me to Inspire Space Park, which was really neat! There are some balls that you can hop on and float all through the place.


The place is just really really cool and the music is very chill. Definitely a great place to go, if you can get in the sim. It's very popular!

Before he left, he introduced me to Curious Kitties and this adorable little dress.

Cute dress!

I think I'm going to wear it to Primtionary tonight. Oh my, it's in 10 minutes!

So thank you, Casius, for being totally cool and hanging out with me this afternoon. And everyone else, go check out his new blog! It's over there in the links with the other blogs I read. :)


Sidonie said...

That Horse place is totally the place where Mr. Coolname and I went the other night. Sooooo fun!

Awww, the space place looks awesome, looks like you had soo much fun.

Alicia Chenaux said...

You have to go to the space park. It's just so neat!

Are you and Mr. Coolname still seeing each other???

Tymmerie Thorne said...

That looked like so much fun! I had no idea that you could go horse back riding in SL!

Another kewl date idea is the Particle Lab - they have a laser light show there that is so fun to sit and watch. If I find the landmark I will send it to you and Casius.

I am also happy that Casius is blogging now. He always leaves such clever comments. YAY! Now we have to get everyone together for the next Blogger party.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever name your horse?

CeNedra said...

Yes but does that horse shop for freebies?
I can't believe you turned to another LOL LOL.