Thursday, January 17, 2008

Drama! Finally!

Everyone keeps talking about how they don't like drama and yet they're always in it. But my SL has been drama free because I hang out with very sweet people, or I'm by myself with prims and they don't give me lip. But tonight I finally got to experience some crazy drama!

Last night this guy came to the club where I work and I didn't like him from the start really. He was conceited and obnoxious while on voice. And that's being nice. He was applying for a DJ position and since we need DJs, he was hired on.

Well, tonight the DJ that was scheduled didn't show so he came in to take his place. About 20 minutes into the event, we got hit with a region restart. After we got back, I IMed him to tell him we were back. It took him almost 10 more minutes to show up, and by that time, another DJ had taken the stream because we had NO music. Finally he shows up and proceeds to have a fit because we weren't just standing there with no music waiting on him. The DJ that was playing offered him the stream, but no. He continued with his lil hissyfit, talked smack about the DJ playing, and finally was ejected and banned.

That led him to my IM box telling me how he's a hacker and he's going to hack our accounts and shut down the club. I couldn't stop laughing! He said I was a shit hostess because I didn't tell him that someone else had taken the stream. Well if he'd showed up the 10 minutes before, when I had told him we were back in, OR had just kept the stream going while we were restarting, this wouldn't have happened. I didn't tell him because I was busy hosting and doing group notices. Plus, our DJ offered him the stream when he got here! She only took it because he wasn't showing up. He didn't respond to her and instead went downstairs, but still in chat range, to talk shit. LOL

Anyway, I'm on his shit list now. I'm scared. Can you tell? I may need a bodyguard.

I'm thinking that the club where he used to work isn't really closing down, but instead they're just telling him they are so they can move without him. :-p

I don't like to mention names when it's bad, but if you're a club owner and you're hiring DJs, if one from England shows up in a Matrix coat talking about what a great DJ he is because people tip him, it's probably him. So don't hire. ;)

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