Sunday, January 13, 2008

Prize Camping

I've got about 45 more minutes in my prize camping, so I thought I'd blog a bit while I'm waiting. I'm camping for a pack of Little Miss shirts. They're really cute and looking around, the pack of shirts up for sale are $400L. Prize camping is something that's been talked about a lot in several blogs this past week. I got some boots at a store after sitting in a chair for 20 minutes, but most places it's 90 minutes or more. I don't usually sit in the chairs that make you sit for too long. :)

What's better than getting freebies? Getting a gift from a friend who has great taste!

Leora dress

Daman bought this dress from Last Call and didn't care for it, so he passed it to me. [Um, if you read his blog - Detachable Penis - you know why he has a dress. If you don't read it, then I guess I'll just let you think that he wears dresses. ;)]

I think it's really pretty, don't you? I'm wearing my new favorite skin by Tuli, which was a group gift and you need to get now because I don't think it'll be in archives much longer, ZHAO shoes from the Second Style freebie box, and the hair is Treasure by RaC and is also a freebie. I don't care for the hair all that much just to wear, but for pictures it looks really good.

Oh wow, only 10 minutes left in the camping. I swear this chair is counting minutes quickly.

Another dancing date with my friend Go today. :)

Dancing with my stalker

I'm getting really used to all the attention he gives to me. :)

My prize camping is over and I got my shirts. Now I can go back to doing what I was going to do after reading January's Glamour - fixing up a freebie trenchcoat to be a short and sassy red trenchcoat!

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