Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where The Guys AREN'T!

Today I decided to take some time and go meet a new guy. Hopefully. In the real world, I know where to go to meet men, so I wondered if the same would apply in SL.

My first stop was to a little shop with sportswear. In the offline world, there are usually 5 or 6 of these couch coaches milling around a shop like this, trying on jerseys that will eventually end up covered in BBQ sauce stains and beer droplets, and talking about how when they played football, they really played to win.

Pro Shop

In SL...nope, no guys. Maybe they'd already bought their jerseys and were out watching a game at a sports bar.

Sports Bar

No guys, and no bartender, so I had to pour my own beer. I think I may have overdone it.

My next stop was to an electronics store.

TV store

No guys there either! And I never could get my video to play. Things aren't looking good.

Now in the real world, you can sometimes meet guys at the grocery store. If you're short, you can ask for help reaching something. Or you can talk about different meat or if something is ripe for the picking. Insert your own innuendo here. So I headed to Phil's Supermarket. No guys, but I did talk to a pig.


You: Hey Piggy
Piggy Ziggy: Hi there!
You: Is there a man department in this store?
Piggy Ziggy: I believe there is one, yes.
You: Wow, cool! Where is it?
Piggy Ziggy: I'm glad you're impressed. Who is the best piggy?It depends on what "it" refers to.
You: Piggy, you make no sense.
Piggy Ziggy: What do you do in your spare time?
You: Blog
Piggy Ziggy: I don't think very many people do that.
You: You don't get out much, huh?
Piggy Ziggy: Yup. Should I get out much? No I spend all my time on the Web.
You: Yeah, I gotta go.
Piggy Ziggy: What you said was too complicated for me. See you later.

I did also discover that they're making mac & cheese with whole grains.


If there's one thing you shouldn't try to make healthy, it's mac & cheese.

Stumped, I IMed my best friend from college and she reminded me that she met her husband in church. Of course! I found a church and ran over there.

Church time!

No men. But at least I had a moment to reflect.

I ran through a few more places.

A diner...


The movies...

No movie :(

Quick Stop Groceries...


And I even hit up some n00b areas.


So where are the guys hiding? Is there a special treehouse that girls aren't allowed in? Am I just completely missing something? Or is it just like I suspected? All the men worth talking to in SL are taken and are out holding their girlfriend's purse while giving them shopping money?

Oh well. Who needs a man anyway when there is huge ice cream?

Ice cream!

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Daman Tenk said...

"All the men worth talking to in SL are taken and are out holding their girlfriend's purse while giving them shopping money?"

You learn fast, young grasshopper.