Sunday, January 6, 2008

Japanese Sims

I have discovered that in the Japanese themed sims, there are usually a whole lot of freebies. I went to one today because of a post in the FabFree blog to pick up something and then I wandered around because I had nothing else to do. I found full avatars for absolutely nothing! Skins, shapes, hair, everything. I picked up a few of the sets, even though for the most part I am happy with how I look. I didn't like a few of the skins in one of the sets, but a couple of the skins are very nice. I think maybe they're rip offs. I don't speak Japanese so I have no idea what some of the things are that I picked up. I will have to find a place to rez them out.

My current "home" in the Isabel Infohub is getting really crowded lately. I think it might be time to seek out a new place.

Oh, I set up a Flickr account earlier today because I realized that I haven't put a pic of me in here yet so some of you have no clue what I look like. I need to find a good place to take some pictures. Any suggestions?

Tomorrow's project is to find out if some of the free skins I have that I didn't get directly from a group or on sale at a store are actually rip offs.

Alicia's Tip Of The Day: Check out the Japanese sims and stores. You will find free or very very inexpensive items. I don't know why the Japanese designers sell things for so much less than everyone else, but I'm glad they do.

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