Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Say what?

Someone posted this link in some forums.

Top 6 Bizarre Online Gaming Incidents

Check out #5.

Are you kidding me? Are. You. KIDDING. ME?!

Now I'm going to give this "victim" the benefit of the doubt and figure that teleports were broken, it was a no fly zone, she didn't know how to mute someone, and her attacker had a very special top secret script that forced her on a poseball and took her clothes off. Oh, and her computer could never be turned off because if it was, the electricity in 87 countries would be shut down and a nuclear bomb would be set off.

But she contacted the actual police. Can you imagine how that conversation went?

Delusional Victim: Halp!
Police: Yes?
DV: I've been raped! ZOMG!!1!
Police: Where??
DV: In Second Life!
Police: ...
DV: My avatar was looking hawt with my body oil and my prim skirt that was too short and stuck in my butt and I had made my boobs 100 on the slider scale for a party and this man got in my IM box and RAPED ME!
Police: Are you drunk, ma'am?
DV: He told me to get on the pink poseball and I said NO NO NO HALP SOME1 PLZ!! And he said "U get on the ball b4 I turn damage enabled on in here!" So I had to!
Police: There's sex online?
DV: Yes.
Police: We're on our way.

I'm just amazed at how some people are. I really am.

Alicia's Tip Of The Day: It's called Ctrl-Q. Use it sometimes before people make fun of you for being really really dumb.

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Fidella Faulds said...

lmao! Funniest thing I've read in a long time. Still laughing!