Saturday, January 12, 2008


Outdoor blogging

One good thing about going to clubs in SL - If you "wake up" the next day still in last night's clothes, you don't reek of smoke, beer, sweat, and bad cologne from a dance partner.

So I was sitting outside of my new apartment building, having a coffee and writing, when I decided that I need to start putting some furniture in my new place. I have free furniture but the problem was that if I liked it, it was very very primmy, and if it was low prim, it wasn't so hot. I put on some new clothes and headed to the sandbox to try my hand at furniture building.

Plywood couch

Plywood furniture. Good if it's just a table. Not so good for cushy couches.

I couldn't help but be a bit proud. I didn't think it was so bad for my first attempt. I cut the couch in half and made a chair, and then a coffee table, and I was all set to go put it down in my place.

New furniture

It's very simple, but for a first try, I like it.

Daman came over to check out my attempt at being the next Ikea, and he got to experience the craziness that is the land where my apartment is. :) All I have to say is, if you visit me don't put ANYTHING down for more than a couple of seconds!

I logged off to go nap, because after 4 hours of sleep, I was spacing out and not so talkative. But my nap was shortlived because of the phone, and since I find it impossible to sleep once I'm up, here I am again. I believe it's time for breakfast. Or lunch. Or very early dinner. Whatever you want to call it.


Tymmerie Thorne said...

OMG! I am so impressed with how cute your couch turned out!! My own homemade couch (which I recently was just rectangles. So plain. SO amateurish. Yours is adorable!!

Alicia Chenaux said...

Oh thank you! I love the torus thingy. It just looks so pillowy. LOL