Friday, January 4, 2008

Where are the people?!

Last night after my explorer friend logged off, I spent another hour in SL trying to find something to do. My question is this:

Where the fuck are people hanging out at?

I started with the events listing. I went to 10 events in about 30 minutes. Either no one was there or no one would talk to me once they got past "Hi."

I've said it before: Trying to break into these tight SL circles requires a battering ram and some butter. The people who have that they are friendly and you should talk to them on their profiles should edit them to say that they're friendly and you should talk to them if you come with references from their existing friends, otherwise you should just go somewhere else.

This isn't like I think I'm owed friendship or that I'm not willing to work for it. Why does it have to be this hard? I'm a nice girl, chatty if someone's listening. My av is decent looking so you don't have to be embarassed if you take me somewhere.

Someone said I could find men to have sex with if I wanted. But hey, I'm not into random poseball sitting. I want a cool group of guys and girls to hang with, talk to, all that good stuff.

Oh, and let me just say something else about events. If you are holding an event, talk to the people that come in. I can't tell you how many events I've gone to where no one talks at all, even the host/hostess. Look, I don't work in SL and I don't know how the club game is done, but I think the role of the host is to keep people there, right?

Alicia's Tip Of The Day: Fucking talk to people! Just because you have friends doesn't mean that you can't use more.


D said...

So true!!! Talk to people. I'm very friendly and that seems to just get me in trouble with the boys because it makes them think I'm hitting on them. What a fun project you have going! I'm planning to write a response to your comment! Savvy D

Alicia Chenaux said...

Thanks Savvy! I guess maybe I'm not friendly because guys never say I'm hitting on them. :-) Maybe I should get some tips from you! Thanks for reading!

chestnut rau said...

come to molaskey's pub on sunday or mondays! im me inworld and i will be happy to introduce you to people. i sometimes list fun things to do on my blog so check that out too.

Tymmerie Thorne said...

Hi! Cute concept for a blog! I like it! I have a couple of things to suggest to you. You have done some building and like the it is free, so put those skills to use and hit a game of Primtionary (I blogged it at Christmas). It is Pictionary where you build the clues instead of drawing them and it is a blast. Plus, if you are the first to guess an answer correctly you can win $50L. (Join the Primtionary Hosts group to get game reminders and updates.) The second is to look for groups to join. What do you like in RL? Find a group here that does that. One thing you should definitely do is join the SL Blogger group. I will IM you in-world with details.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Ooh, Primtionary sounds fun! I will definitely check that out!