Monday, January 28, 2008


Hey Wrath, you can quit worrying about me not sleeping. I managed 10 and a half hours last night. Sheesh.

So keeping on with my tour of the sites that Natalia Zelmanov has on her blog as places to go visit, I hit up Aiot's Toon Wonderland today. It was very bright!

Candy Lane

It's just a very brightly colored, big, cartoonish place. But it's pretty cool to visit. You can have seat in a big dragon skeleton.

Dragon bones

I also managed to find a huge voodoo doll. I wonder who this is supposed to be!


It's supposed to have a lot of things from video games, but I've never really been a big game player, so I didn't know most of what was out there. Still, go visit. You might know some of the things. There's also an arcade out there and you can play games for tickets that you can redeem for prizes. Unfortunately there's no prizes to be had until you get 25 tickets.

Oh, and I had to share this picture because the whole thing just amused me.

Where's her pole?

When I first log in, I usually hit up all the stores that I've gotten landmarks to in group notices [if it's something I need] and I came to this place to pick up a couple of freebie avatar kits. This girl was there, just doing a pole dance - sans pole! I don't know if she knew it was going on or what.

I'm hosting an event tonight. I'm sad because that means I'll miss Primtionary tonight, but I do have to work sometime. :)

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Anonymous said...

She probably had not idea she was dancing.

I often see this kind of thing when people don't stop dancing before they tp away. I IMed a lady shopping for hair at CAKE who was leaning back on the floor and touching her person while she shopped. She *really* liked that hair.