Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anyone have a valium?

Either I need to give up the caffeine, or I need sleeping pills. It has just been one of those nights! I took a shower, got into bed, and was just about to drift off when my mind started racing with a million thoughts. I figured I was doomed, so I got up and logged in.

My thoughts weren't exactly exciting or anything. In fact, they were fairly dull in retrospect. Such as...

Who am I going to vote for in November? I'm a woman. Shouldn't I want to vote for a woman?

Should I?!


Could I have done better on a test in school and perhaps that one test would have changed my entire life?

School in pajamas!

So, to try to relax myself, I headed out to my favorite sim - Pillow Talk! I know, I've been out there so much. Bear with me. I'm sure eventually I'll find a new favorite.

Pillow Talk Bed

I completely want this bed, but it's ridiculous to get it when I'm never in bed with anyone. I think I just like the blanket. I got to see some things there that I hadn't seen before, like a little cottage attached to a lighthouse, and a charming little picnic shelter. I also made a new friend. But the sun started to come up, so I figured I better say goodbye to my friend and run off.


Speaking of the sun coming up, it's probably time that I try bed again. Or I'll make a nest for myself out of tons of pillows and blankets on the couch and see if any good infomercials are on.

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Cierra Theriac said...

I have that pillow and it is copiable. I threw one in front of the fire and one on the couch, and of course one on the bed. I can snuggle in whenever I want.

They were on one of the benches in the clouds, I think.