Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm a square.

All those episodes of Leave It To Beaver I watch on TV Land late late at night are coming home, because I find myself saying things like "Gosh," "That's swell," and "He's a real square."

Today I was bored and so I started throwing prims around in the sandbox and ended up with this.

Squares Bedroom Set

I think it's cute, don't you? I made a kind of neat little lamp to match the set, but when I got home I couldn't rez it out because it was no longer in the database or something odd. So I just made another one and ended up liking it better.

The whole set is too primmy for me to use at my place, but if I ever get a higher prim place, then I already have furniture. :)

I'm hosting an event right now [and the fact that I have time to post here just shows how quiet it is] so I better get back to spamming the VIPs and acting like I'm having fun.

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