Monday, January 21, 2008

Xcite, booty flaps, and finally my couch.

It amuses me sometimes because I will have evenings in SL where nothing goes on except me hopping around collecting freebies and playing around in the sandbox with my prims. But then some nights, it's just completely funny and I'm all over the place.

After hearing so much about Xcite products, but never experiencing them for myself, I took a little trip to the Xcite store. Of course I had to wear my new "Ladies Don't Spit" t-shirt from Soulfire. It was really laggy at the sim, but I made it through.

Trade in?!

I laughed like mad when I saw that the clits can be traded in for an upgrade. Do they wear out from overuse? Do they lose their texture? What was really funny was that there was actually one of the ... products out there to be clicked on. Yes, I clicked. It didn't say anything but it did keep me entertained as it opened and closed.

There were certainly a ton of Xcite products out there, though. Hair, feet, neck, just everything. I don't know how anyone would possibly have enough attachment points for all the products. It's kind of pricy, too, but maybe that's an area you don't want to get cheap? I have no clue. There was a guy in there with a woman, and he wanted her to get some parts, but she said she only had $200L. Obviously he didn't want to or couldn't afford to help her out. Poor girl. She will remain clitless.

Heading to the male section, I finally encountered my first penis in SL.

Oh my.

They're not actually that big, are they? If so, I may be keeping my virginity for a while longer. But yes, I did click on it. A few times.

As I was leaving, the guy that had been with the girl before IMed me to ask if I was looking for the women's section. I guess he figured if I was, he could "help" me out with my new products. Sorry, buddy. I'm sculpted clit free.

I popped into a few of the other shops and tried out some poses. I don't think I'd make a very good sub.

LOL, I'm submissive.

I didn't mention this, but last night this guy showed up on my porch. After chatting a bit, he convinced me to go dance with him. I can't say that I had fun, although it wasn't terrible either. The thing that turned me off was he was over-confident in thinking that I'm going to be his girlfriend. I thought maybe I was just tired last night and easily annoyed, so when he invited me tonight to come to the club where he works, I gave it another shot.

No. I was right the first time. He was dancing right on top of me, and when someone mentioned that he was molesting my leg, he said he could because I'm his boo. I left very soon after that. I like confidence. Ridiculously confident like that is not good.

Cen's friend moved in to the cabin next to mine, and so we all congregated at his place this evening. There aren't that many people in SL that I will voice chat with, but I always have a good time with them. Rickman [Cen's guy] and Troll wanted to take a picture with me because of our size difference. I discovered a reason why it's not always good to be short. Butt flaps.

Booty Flap

I've been working on my furniture, and I think I'm done with the loveseat. I've also discovered that people won't bother you when you're building if you have your own ban line around your body.

To keep others away

After throwing things around and trying things out, I decided that my original idea to just have it flat at the bottom wasn't working for me. Once I added the feet, I liked it a whole lot more.

My couch!

Looking at it now, I need to even up the texture on it. After that, I'm going to revamp the smaller matching chair, and make a coffee table and some end tables.

If nothing else, I keep myself busy in SL, that is for sure.

Rock on!


Daman Tenk said...

About that small size you mentioned. You know it can be resized? :p

*me tries to appear innocent*

Tymmerie Thorne said...

LOL...Alicia you have tasted a bit of the fruit of the Tree of SL Knowledge.

I strongly suspect that some of the people designing lady parts in SL have, umm, never actually seen them in person.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Daman - It can be? Well thank goodness. I'd hate to be a guy and walk around with a 5 pounder in my pants.

Tymmerie - LOL!! I think you're right! The "closed" version looked like a sandwich with a glob of something sticking out. Ewwwww.

Sidonie said...

*g* I've read your whole blog, it's wonderful and eep, yus a lot of those excite parts are gross imo, LOL

If you ever need somebody to hang with, look me up!

Sidonie Larkham

Alicia Chenaux said...

Hey Sidonie! You should never tell me to look you up...I just might do it! :)

Eliza Wrigglesworth said...

I had a friend with one of those monsters! He used to wear it on his nose for fun, and believe me, that was the most fun I ever got out of it!
I really need one of those personal ban lines. Can you tell me where you got it?